Tuesday, June 15, 2010

things that katie likes

after everything, a friend told me to spend some time on me. the things i like to do. i paused, and my throat just sort of stuck that way it does when there is a non-existent lump from doubt or worry or guilt. i have devoted almost the entirety of my life helping others, chasing others, or changing for the better or betterment of others. i had absolutely no idea what i could possibly do to spend time on and for myself. everything i once loved seems like work now. or worse yet, enjoying things brings me to a time when things were better and shared, and immediately thereafter i am filled with a sadness i cannot yet quite explain. but i know that spending time to find and redefine the things i enjoy is a massive project. and this massive project will keep my head and mind and heart busy for hopefully long enough. i realized in those few short days home that there are things i still do like, and can do without associating or linking to too much.

so i am compiling a list, that i will continue to edit. so i cannot forget or continue to lose the pieces of myself which i so horribly miss.

katie likes:
  • fires. being near them, having them, starting them, playing with them, drinking by them
  • meeting new people
  • having random conversations with new/old people
  • old people. i love old people.
  • reading books. particularly by younger people who have something to say about the world we live in or their personal opinions.
  • smoking cigarettes with my dear friend alex.
  • making mixed cds and sending them to friends or strangers.
  • receiving mixed cds. receiving new music in general.
  • watching movies.
  • creating life backgrounds while people watching.
  • shopping for one single head to toe outfit.
  • sitting by the wall
  • photographing. going on photo adventures. learning new processes of photography.
  • wrapping gifts. i love love love wrapping presents for people.
  • drinking beer, specifically with people and not alone.
  • going to music shows, with people i know and like.
  • walking. particularly on beaches, or paved sidewalks by beaches. not so much in the woods.
  • making a cd for a drive to nowhere, and then going there.
  • making schedules and plans that will never happen.
  • photoboothing with friends. so narcissistic, so lovely
  • making exquisite corpses with john, for some weird reason our brains are always the same.
  • drinking coffee
  • decorating and rearranging places

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